How Henry's Wholesale Dispensary Grades Cannabis Flower

How HWDS Grades Cannabis Flower

  1. Examination and verification of lab results
  2. Visual inspection of flower for color
  3. Odor inspection for pungency and notes
  4. Microscope inspection for mites, insects, trichomes
  5. Inspection for rot & mildew

More Information

What Farmer will get: Henry’s Wholesale Report Card; this is a free service for farming partners.

Can I get a Report Card without selling my hemp? Yes. Henry’s will grade your hemp and issue a report card for $150. 

What is on the report card?

  • Timestamps and verification information for lab reports
  • High quality photography of inspection points
  • Final grading score of 70 to 100

Can I protest or retest my product? Yes, for an additional testing fee which will apply to all individuals and  farm partners.

How many times is my product inspected? Your product will be independently inspected by two Tricome Institute Certified Interpeners. 

Does Henry’s Wholesale accept all flower grades? No. Henry’s reserves the right to refuse purchase of any hemp for any reason.

With whom does Henry’s share information? What do they share?  Merchants who purchase hemp from Henry’s will be provided: Farm Name, Lab Report, Report Card